Chef's Specials

Beef & Scallops - Chef's Specials

Beef and scallops, lightly sautéed with selected Chinese vegetables.

General Tso's Chicken (Spicy) - Chef's Specials

A mouth watering dish made with chunks of chicken marinated and sautéed with red pepper and our special tangy sauce. (Spicy)

Happy Family - Chef's Specials

A stir fry with beef, chicken, shrimp, scallops, vegetables and our chef's special sauce.

Orange Beef (Spicy) - Chef's Specials

Thick sliced of beef, crisped and sautéed in orange, spicy sauce. (Spicy)

Orange Chicken (Spicy) - Chef's Specials

Crispy chunks of chicken sauteed and marinated with an orange sauce. (Spicy)


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